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Strengthen your self-confidence and focus on your life passions. Together we will identify your purpose and find new ways to expand your comfort zone.


In Coaching, you'll learn to make bolder choices and have more confidence in yourself. We will identify obstacles and develop learning strategies to have more joy and fun in your life. I will support you and believe in you, even if you can't yet.


In you I see power, love, courage, inspiration and uniqueness. I am convinced that you have untapped resources and are Creative. Your authenticity is acknowledged and valued. I always remind you of your ownership of both words and actions.


My way of working is based on mutual respect to support you in designing your life. You are the expert of your life and I will guide you to find any undiscovered treasures.


I look forward to getting to know you and accompanying you on your life redesign journey.


Best regards,




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Hypnosis is the art of using your imagination to deeply help you relax and then get in touch with your subconscious mind, with the parts that are helpful in overcoming current problems, obstacles and or symptoms. 


We will only touch on the past in a marginal way. We look at and evaluate the situation in the now and move forward in a forward-looking and solution-oriented way. Together we develop strategies. You explore your resources and potentials so that the chosen goal can be reached. 


The focus of the coaching process is not on problem analysis, but on solving the problem. 


This method starts directly with the subconscious. The change is usually achieved in about 4 sessions. When the subconscious understands that a better strategy leads to a better life, change is easy and is reinforced by the ongoing process and is directed in the right tracks.


Healing your roots. In shamanic coaching we take a solutions-oriented approach. We honour life that we have been able to experiences up to this day. We look very closely and define what needs to be changed.


"Inspired writing" is an amazingly effective method of entering into dialogue (contact) with other "dimensions".


C.G. Jung has recognised that dialogue, for example with dream figures, brings more new insights than pure analysis, which is a kind of searching monologue. Dialogue connects parts, analysis separates them.


Feng Shui - the Chinese study of the energy flow of indoor and outdoor spaces. The millennia-old awareness that our lives and well-being are closely related is connected to the laws of nature and the universe.


The "four pillars of destiny" are based on the Chinese philosophy of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water). The five elements show your resources, the relationship to your fellow human beings and to your family. They illustrate aspects of your creativity and your power. They announce times of big and small changes in your life.


Access Bars® is a tool of Access Consciousness. The Access Bars® are 32 energy points on the head that are held gently. The 32 energy points on the head are related to various aspects of life. By gently touching these points during a Bars® session, brainwaves change and it becomes easier to access behavior patterns, beliefs and blockages.

THE C.O.N.T.R.O.L. SYSTEM® Workshop

Step into a LIVE learning experience with me, Ursina Fried - your personal trainer for the Fascinating CONTROL System.


The groundbreaking CONTROL method, originally designed by Tim Box, has produced a carefully selected team of trainers. Together, we periodically offer one-day intensive training workshops to teach this immediate-impact change method.



After a complicated operation on my mouth, I lost my sense of taste on my left side. At first I was okay with the thought that this is normal and just takes time for the taste buds to recover and for me to be able to fully enjoy the food again. After 6 months, however, the condition had not changed and became a psychological problem. Ursina asked me if I would be open to hypnosis therapy. After just a few sessions, my sense of taste came back and I was very relieved.

The therapy not only helped to heal the nerve, but was also very good for me mentally. It helped me reduce stress and sleep better. I would use this therapy method again in a heartbeat. Warning: hypnosis can be addictive. It's just so incredibly good.



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