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Feng Shui - the Chinese study of the energy flow of indoor and outdoor spaces. The millennia-old awareness that our lives and well-being are closely related is connected to the laws of nature and the universe.


The influence, the force that connects us with our environment is called Qi (energy, life force, prana,...).


A Feng Shui consultation is a process and a positive use of energies. Obstacles are balanced and the quality of life and work is increased.


If your living environment supports you, relaxation becomes possible. When the energy flows gently, you can come back and rest within yourself. 


What can you expect from the consultation? Get in touch. 


In Feng Shui we also consider «the 4 pillars of destiny». During the Feng Shui consultation, you will receive a short horoscope with information on beneficial and less beneficial elements. 


I will prepare an individual offer for the Feng Shui. 

The hourly rate is CHF 160.00 excl. travel expenses


The offer consists of the consultation, the plan analysis, the script and the on-site inspection/consultation.  


Payable after the service has been rendered

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