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Tone by tone... or the new timbres


When a sound hits my ears, I know that my brain is not just processing it factually. No sounds trigger sensations and feelings. Have you already visualized sounds? Well, I want to show you what it feels like to hear in a different way. 


What your eyes see behind closed lids is not what your ears hear. And when the eyes are open, it's different again. Your head, oh no matter what it thinks about it, just let it go for a moment, your mind. 


How about the tones coming to your ears colored, each ear with a different tint. Beautiful words have different colors than other, ugly words. The beautiful words are more intense in color. Certain sentences are likely to be fairly colorless to gray. 


Soft words are paler or narrower on their way through your ears to your brain. There they would unfold their effect. The ears, I don't know, maybe they just pick them up, the words and nothing more, until the brain separates, sorts, classifies them. Do brightness, color and surface play a role? I don't know it. Maybe they lose a bit of their meaning in the turns. 


Or, after entering the brain, they will be sent in different directions as colored sounds, as words, changing color as they go. Maybe they lose importance here and there, become more important or change completely. The words, the sounds and noises.


How about we put in a friendly squad of painters and every tone that came up would be painted the same color so that they all ended up the same color and looking the same. Simply repainted, like a car, we could only perceive differences in shape and size and of course their weight. But which ear weighs every note, every noise? 


Or how about if all tones were painted white and bright, how would you feel in your skin in your stomach? ... What would happen if the following tones, words and noises came along in a light blue. what would happen If you had more power, would you be clearer and freer? What if great feelings of joy were painted red... What would happen?  Would your strength grow and prosper? 


Now if you gave the painters command, a bright yellow spreading and enveloping the new tones, what would happen? Would my feelings and opinions change if I added more color to my sounds, words and noises? 


What would change in me? I would be more aware of my colorfulness. Would I show the colorful tones, words and noises outside? Would you perceive it if my ears could discover new timbres? 


If a sound, a word, a sentence or a noise hits my ears now, will the painters choose themselves or do I have the choice? The choice of tones. Would a bright tone lighten a weighty word. Would rainbow colors make somber words friendly? 


If the words would no longer get lost in the convolutions, if they would be sorted by color, if they would spread throughout the body... to also give more color to the feelings. 


I look forward to these new sound images and tones   in my head.


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