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Access Bars® is a tool of Access Consciousness.

The Access Bars® are 32 energy points on the head that are held gently. The 32 energy points on the head are related to various aspects of life. By gently touching these points during a Bars® session, brainwaves change and it becomes easier to access behavior patterns, beliefs and blockages.


Gently touching the points usually creates deep relaxation.


What can you be treated/supported with Access Bars®:


  • fears

  • burnout

  • Stress  

  • Overwhelm (at work or study)


In any case, you will feel like you have had a wonderful massage.   At best, your life will change.

1:1 session (single bookings)

CHF 160.00/hour Payable immediately 


Package  4 hours

Total CHF 600.00 advance payment

(compared to CHF 640.00 for individual bookings)


When purchasing a package

From the 5th hour 

Each additional hour CHF 150.00 Payable immediately

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