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Chinese Astrology


The "four pillars of destiny" are based on the Chinese philosophy of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water). The five elements show your resources, the relationship to your fellow human beings and to your family. They illustrate aspects of your creativity and your power. They announce times of big and small changes in your life.


The Four Pillars of Happiness chart serves as a decision-making aid.


How can Chinese astrology support you?


  • personal development

  • positioning

  • Determination of the conducive elements and their

  • application

  • determining 'good days' for business openings,

  • contract conclusions etc.

  • Support in employee selection


scope of services


Horoscope Creation, Script,  review

1 : 1 consultation Flat rate CHF 400.00 Payable immediately

Chinesische Astrologie Ursina Fried
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