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Die Seele heilen / Schamanisces Arbeiten



Healing your roots. In shamanic coaching we take a solutions-oriented approach. We honour life that we have been able to experiences up till today. We look very closely and define what needs to be changed.


As a shaman, I have a slightly different function than in classic coaching, I am the   mediator between the different realities and, as a messenger, bringing forth some possibilities and solutions. With this work, I support a profound change on the soul level, so that the coachee understands herself even better, so that she can go through life with strength.


What can be shamanically treated/supported:


  • Health challenges

  • job change

  • stagnation in life

  • positioning

  • Grief

  • separation


"Space clearing" is also part of the shamanic work (spiritual house cleaning) and incense rituals (price on request).

Training over many years with various shamans in Switzerland and abroad.



1:1 session (individual bookings) long-distance travel

CHF 160.00/hour Payable immediately 


Package  4 hours

Total CHF 600.00 advance payment

(compared to CHF 640.00 for individual bookings)


When purchasing a package

From the 5th hour 

Each additional hour CHF 150.00 Payable immediately

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