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"Inspired writing" is an amazingly effective method of entering into dialogue (contact) with other "dimensions".


C.G. Jung has recognised that dialogue, for example with dream figures, brings more new insights than pure analysis, which is a kind of searching monologue. Dialogue connects parts, analysis separates them.


In inspired writing I have found a way to approach any personal problem and get unexpected, creative solutions as answers (e.g. from the higher self or from the morphogenetic information field, etc.). 


Some people ask their hearts, listen to the heart's wisdom. Other people listen to their loved ones who have passed away or their guardian angel.  There are also the dreamers, the sleeping prophets.  Everything can be personalized and is therefore interactive. We listen to our intuition.


The answers are often so unexpected that the questioner accepts them with amazement and gratitude and can direct their life accordingly.


Live inspired because each of us can talk, paint, sing, work or listen inspired. An inspired life is the ongoing, conscious connection with the infinite wisdom of the source of all life.  


Want some inspiration? Fancy new insights? Then send me your request.


What would you like answered? Which area of life needs change?


Take your time with the question and make sure it's not a YES/NO question... Use the the following questions. How can I... What can I... etc. Send me an email.  I am going to get in touch with you, giving you a date and time, so you know when I am on your journey. 


Looking forward to an inspired journey to your answer.



1:1 session (single bookings)

CHF 160.00/hour Payable immediately 


Package  4 hours

Total CHF 600.00 advance payment

(compared to CHF 640.00 for individual bookings)


When purchasing a package

From the 5th hour 

Each additional hour CHF 150.00 Payable immediately

Inspiriertes Schreiben der Weg zu sich selbst
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