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Step into a LIVE learning experience with me, Ursina Fried - your personal trainer for the Fascinating CONTROL System.


The groundbreaking CONTROL method, originally designed by Tim Box, has produced a carefully selected team of trainers. Together, we periodically offer one-day intensive training workshops to teach this immediate-impact change method. Over the past 7 years, thousands of clients have experienced the transformative power of CONTROL firsthand in both our day workshops and individual 1:1 sessions.


Now let's come back to this workshop - a deeply immersive experience, packed with practical exercises that will transform the way you think in a fundamental way. In the midst of this day, you will experience a real life-changing metamorphosis.


I am going to guide you as you go through the process of transforming your own Thought Pattern completely and giving your life a powerful UPDATE.


The CONTROL workshop design, inspired by Tim's groundbreaking approach, uses elements of hypnosis. But here, change happens without the direct use of Trance. No prior knowledge is needed for this day. Nevertheless, what you can contribute is your natural curiosity, the joy of positive change and the willingness to learn in just one day a tool that will support you on a everyday basis in the future.


The question is: How can this CONTROL Workshop benefit you? The response is quite obvious - this Workshop is designed to help you transform your existing thought patterns. In this workshop you will not only start to learn how to bring your life into an amazing evolution, but you will also learn how to get in direct contact with your Subconscious Mind and its patterns of thinking in order to purposefully modify them. In that way, you will easily remove the blocks and limiting beliefs that have been limiting you. Your understanding of how the Subconscious Mind works will become deeper, and you will have a proven method for engaging with the most powerful and creative part of your mind.


The CONTROL SYSTEM workshops promise not only successful training, but also enjoyment and inspiration all in one. Each workshop is deliberately designed for a limited number of participants (maximum 6 people) to ensure that you receive the best possible support. So please register early - I look forward to welcoming you.


As soon as new Workshops are planned or free places are available, I am going to inform you immediately.

1 Day - Workshop 

 09:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 16:30


Small groups max. of 6 person

CHF 250.00 per person

Die Arbeit mit dem Unbewussten Hypnose ohne trance
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