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We focus on woman and of course the development of their potential in their humanity - whether in health, at work or in everyday life.


Our ethical attitude shows why we do what we do. If we plan a workshop together with other people or offer something together, these ethical values are the basis of the cooperation. 


Of course we are also changing and allow ourselves to refine and grow.


Let yourself be inspired and decide for yourself what you think is valuable to you.



Fried Ursina

Ursina Fried

quiet, spiritual, humorous, sensitive, thoughtful, creative, curious, joyful, learning and acting, powerful, courageous, lively, initiator, pioneer, companion, solution finder


My name is Ursina and I empower women who are feeling like the world is on top them to step back, take control of it all, get their confidence and manage their world better.


I had a great childhood, well great from the outside but what I experienced at home was something different. I grew up in a loving home although my father struggled and battled with severe depression so sometimes crisis become our norm.


I was very shy growing up and I still am - although you won’t think that when you meet. Due to my father’s up and downs I learnt to observe more than speak. I observed a lot and I still have that in me. I actually love to observe people!


A grew crisis being a part of me and my life, to an extend I wanted to end crisis for others. I went on to try many other jobs and the one experience I remember the most was me “rejecting” to work in HR. 


One would wonder why - I mean HR is the place to work, right! Well, something in me I recently discovered made me reject that job because I grew up in crisis and dealt with it, so my mission was to help more people get out of crisis. 


So the HR job was to an extent going to make me “put people in crisis.” At the time that I reject the position this was not so clear but now - I revisited my journey and it is so apparent why that job was not for me.


Crisis in many ways can really make life unbearable and make you believe you are stuck. It can make you question your own existence and your ability. It is one of the reasons why people lose their confidence and feel like they are not good enough. In some cases it makes you doubt yourself and in worse cases it makes you believe there is no other way. 


I know crisis and it’s camouflage because I have experience it. It is not easy to deal with alone and this is why I exist. I have met many people who are dealing with crisis situations and many of those don’t how to deal with it. 


I was lucky to experience what I did at a young age and my hope is that I will be able to help more people move out of a situation state of being into a more relaxed and manageable state of being.  


As a qualified coach and experienced crisis expert (both with my clients and in my own life) I believe I understand what people dealing with crisis situations are going through and I know exactly how to support them.


Do not struggle alone or be ashamed - I am here to help you through it. Sometimes all you need is a different perspective. 

Peter Tomischek

Peter Tomischek

sensitive, quiet, spiritual, humorous, sensitive, creative, curious, joyful, learning and acting, powerful, courageous, elated, lively, listener, companion, solution finder


Our martial arts man. He, who has been involved with Kung Fu for over 30 years and practices it intensively. For many years he has traveled to Taiwan and studied with Master Peng. For Peter, Wushu is his daily bread. He keeps himself mentally, emotionally and physically fit every day. He moves with passion. 


He also has another big hobby and, when it's light outside,   is on the road as an IT-SAP consultant. Nevertheless, martial arts are his passion. 


He loves to move. He's lithe as a gazelle (I say that). He who surprises and challenges us again and again with new movements in Qi Gong. 


... and how can he support and help you with your Qi Gong practice?


Since 2004


Since 2004


Since 1995


Since 1995


Since 1995


Since 1995


Since 2019


Since 2019


The meaning of life varies from person to person and we understand the gift of a meaningful life as fulfillment. Once we are one with what we are doing, we experience our purpose.


We live and promote equality, respect and tolerance. We do not refer to a person on the basis of their origin, their religion or their gender, but on their nature and on the values they live by.


We meet our fellow human beings at eye level and support everyone in finding the wisdom and strength within themselves. We see ourselves as catalysts that initiate transformation processes.


We take responsibility for what we think, say and do. In this way we create clarity in dealing with boundaries and help people to feel comfortable in our presence. We do not support it when someone gives up responsibility for their change, their potential, their life. Success, fulfillment and sovereignty are important to us. We challenge and encourage each other in a playful, appreciative and consistent way.


We see ourselves as learners and take responsibility for our mistakes. Instead of judging, we do everything we can to develop compassion and clarity. We like to learn and for a lifetime.


We recognize each individual's contribution to unleashing the potential of being human. We see the complex challenges that humanity is facing and hope to make a contribution with our work so that the potential of being human and in this world can constantly unfold.


We do not abuse the trust placed in us by our clients for power, greed or anything else. We love receiving feedback from our clients and colleagues. This makes us grow.


We encourage each participant to develop their own potential and fully realize their vision of a fulfilling life - with and for each other.


We believe that everything has a purpose. We don't always understand why and why something is the way it is. We remain open and focus on what is possible. 


Everything we know and believe today will be obsolete tomorrow. Therefore, we use our knowledge respectfully. We are open to new things and learn every day. 


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